Yjot-01 Design Concept

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Design Concept

Unique sculptural concept bearing the form of a yacht, reveals entire soul of the ship; it expresses the soul with every edge and plane. All elements, including those which cannot be seen by human eye, create unanimous totality, which does not let you have doubts about correctness of any of the lines of the silhouette.

A musculous plasticity of the body and energetic profile that is full of predatory determination, radiate power, self confidence, and elegance.  One feels safe and cosy inside the lee of this futuristic soldier, as every well-thought form and every streamlined line purport refined splendour and elegance, whereas shining parts made of metal alloy and matt carbon fibre surfaces simply intoxicate with their tension. Interior contrast created by natural wood, leather texture and Corian manifest itself thanks to the light propagated by invisible illumination sources.  Aggressive sounds of the yacht body’s edges in her interior have been improvised as a soft, optimistic toccata, which you can perceive with your skin and which embraces and overwhelms you.  Ergonomic convenience and comfort manifest themselves before you even think about them. Omnipresent huge monitors broadcasting 360 viewing angle images around the ship have eliminated portholes frin the yacht body. In conveniently and economically planned spaces you can find everything you need during your trip and relaxation moments.