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Binocular SOLARIS

DESIGNER: Tautvydas Kaltenis
PROJECT: Binocular
CLIENT: Yukon Advanced Optics Worldwide, Ltd.
YEAR: 2014


Yukon Advanced Optics Worldwide, a global manufacturer of optical instruments, with the intention to expand the market intended for hunting supplies and accessories and to raise awareness of tourism and leisure-time enthusiasts in surveillance equipment, has started manufacturing the new Solaris series binoculars that are going to replace the well-known Futurus series that hunters from different geographical latitudes have grown fond of over a decade. After receiving the task of creating the design for the new generation of binoculars, I realized that this was not an easy task, as all Porro prism binoculars are determined by the historical tradition of retro style. Moreover, the client’s own manufactured devices were already prone to develop identity features that could not be disregarded when I started working on a new line of binoculars. With the first sketches I sought that the new binocular design would become more democratic, more humane, without military aggression specific to armourer products. Therefore, bent, more plastic shapes of barrel chambers, ergonomic indentations and expressive texture in gripping zones sharply contrasting with the smooth shell surface have emerged in the new product design. Relatively light, warm shaded shell colour has a universal camouflage function in various environmental conditions. Tools forming aesthetic product image ensure convenient grip, even if they are being used for a long time.
The exclusive feature of Solaris binoculars – an anthracite metal bridge connecting the two barrel chambers. This strict, straight lined central part of binoculars with an ocular holder becomes an expressive egzo-construction clinging into a plastic casing of the binocular body. Due to the binocular bridge’s angle transformation possibilities, the binoculars can be used as a family or shared device both for long and short-distance observation. Convenient, large pyramid shaped ribbed focusing wheels allow fine-tuning the device even with gloves on and getting sharp, clear and natural images. The novelty of Yukon production, which I’ve suggested for this product – the protective lens covers seated with the help of a spring. Particular attention was paid to the binocular graphic markings, as an important part forming the product design. The title Solaris of binocular series, a graphical representation which has also been designed for this product by me, was placed on the lateral part of the binoculars, expressively topping from the texture of the shell. Other inscriptions – series marking, brand logo and the dioptric scale are marked in silver graphics on the dark surface of the binocular bridge.
7 types of Solaris binoculars are about to be produced – they will differ from each other in zooming capacity and lens size.